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The Defiler is a ranged Zombie, and has slightly more health than its normal counterparts. This zombie has two modes of attack; one is a sweeping arc attack where he spews bile, hitting everything in front of him. The second is a single-target bile shot. An enemy hit by any bile attacks will experience an obstructed view as well as temporarily impairing movement.


  • Like other Zombies, Defilers are completely immune to Corrosive damage over time, but are vulnerable to Incendiary and Explosive weaponry.
  • The Defiler's "single spew" attack is hard to avoid, so maintain distance.
  • The Defiler's "spread spew" attack obscures vision (the screen) and lowers movement speed drastically; this attack can be easily evaded though. It is less effective from a Defiler of lower level than the Vault Hunter.
  • Defilers commonly spawn within groups of normal zombies, slowing the player down and allowing other zombies to catch up and cause major damage.
  • Defilers move swiftly and will run away to maximize distance between themselves and their foes before spewing, making them very difficult to kill with melee attacks.


  • The Defiler zombie's puking attack and slightly distended abdomen may be a reference to the Left 4 Dead special zombies.
  • Oddly enough, the Defiler's ears are slightly pointed.

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