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Despair and Self-Loathing are two large Clapdog minibosses encountered during the story of Claptastic Voyage, from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Despair and Self-Loathing are encountered during the storyline quest END OF LINE, and represent corrupted versions of Claptrap's Hope and Self Esteem. They have been corrupted into their current forms by Claptrap's internal representation of Handsome Jack, and manifest as large, aggressive Clapdogs.

Despair and Self-Loathing have different coloration, but are otherwise indistinguishable, and have the same attack methods and styles. They will frequently pounce on the Vault Hunters, causing a powerful knockback effect. They also have dual flamethrowers on each side of their heads, which will cause fire damage.

When defeated, Despair will morph back into a friendly version of Hope, and Self-Loathing will morph back into Self Esteem.



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