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(Accept mission)(one of these at random)

H010-TP: If you'll return to the arena, I will reset your simulation for you!

H010-TP: Excuse me, could you help me with something? I want you to go in there and press that holo-button. It may or may not start an epic fight.

H010-TP: One more time! Go, and fight with FEELING!

(Before pressing button) (note: these play randomly)

H010-TP: That button is on loan from the Torgue Corporation -- it may or may not explode when used!

H010-TP: You'll need to start the simulation from inside the arena. There's a holo-button -- you need to do to it what you usually do to buttons.

H010-TP: There's a holo-button that starts the round, and there is an invisible button that produces pastries! You'll have to figure out which one is which. But I bet you want the glowing one!

H010-TP: Don't ask what happened the LAST time someone pushed that button -- it was messy! But you'll be fine. Probably.

H010-TP: I dare go no further! Inside, you will find a spectacularly holographic device, which you must push to begin your fantastically holographic simulation! Godspud, Vault Hunter.

(Press button)

Athena: After we made it to Concordia, we had to track down a jamming signal...

Gaige: Yeah, but what about the robots?!

Athena: We had to build a basic constructor so Jack could prototype his robot army, but that wasn't until AFTER we--

Axton: The Lost Legion was supposed to be hiding out on the moon back then, weren't they?

Athena: Are you going to let me tell the story or not?

(Pick up 5 robot parts)

Axton: How do you build a robot? You just... collect pieces and glue 'em together?

Gaige: It's a highly technical process requiring skill and pizazz. And, uh, sometimes glue.

Athena: We had the help of Gladstone -- a scientist -- and we also had a top-of-the-line military AI named Felicity.

Gaige: Oooooo, what?! What happened to her?

Athena: We had to erase her personality. It was NOT my proudest moment.

Gaige: I could NEVER do that to Deathtrap... NEVER, NEVER, EVER.

H010-TP: Don't be alarmed, but I found a background program called "moonshot.exe". I think it moonshots loaders in from Helios! Maybe! I don't know.

Axton: Hey, Gaige! Wanna give my turret a personality?

Gaige: Sure! I'm thinking... femme fatale, with a no-excuses attitude and a thirst for blood! Likes romance novels and bubble baths.

(Survive 4 waves)

H010-TP: Great work, everybody! Sim successful!

(Turn in)

H010-TP: So, if I'm see through... (gasp) Can you see my underpants?!

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