(Accept mission)(one of these at random)

H010-TP: If you'll return to the arena, I will reset your simulation for you!

H010-TP: Excuse me, could you help me with something? I want you to go in there and press that holo-button. It may or may not start an epic fight.

H010-TP: One more time! Go, and fight with FEELING!

(Before pressing button) (note: these play randomly)

H010-TP: That button is on loan from the Torgue Corporation -- it may or may not explode when used!

H010-TP: You'll need to start the simulation from inside the arena. There's a holo-button -- you need to do to it what you usually do to buttons.

H010-TP: There's a holo-button that starts the round, and there is an invisible button that produces pastries! You'll have to figure out which one is which. But I bet you want the glowing one!

H010-TP: Don't ask what happened the LAST time someone pushed that button -- it was messy! But you'll be fine. Probably.

H010-TP: I dare go no further! Inside, you will find a spectacularly holographic device, which you must push to begin your fantastically holographic simulation! Godspud, Vault Hunter.

(Press button)

Athena: It turned out that the Eye of Helios, over which we were fighting to regain control, was actually the Eye of the Destroyer.

Axton: The Destroyer? That crazy blob of tentacles and hatred?

Athena: To which OTHER crazy blob of tentacles and hatred would I be referring?

Gaige: His ex-fiancée!

Axton: That was harsh! Sarah wasn't mean, she just... I dunno...

Gaige: Whatever, man. You are an unparalleled stud and she should never have let you go.

Axton: Aww, thanks. But the Dahl Corporation WAS trying to kill me.

Athena: I am not surprised. Failure was not an option for Zarpedon or the Lost Legion, even though they had been trapped long enough to become completely corrupted by Eridium, and were no longer controlled by Dahl.

Axton: Zarpedon didn't have tentacles, did she?

Athena: No, no tentacles, just a powersuit and a very strong belief.

(Survive 5 waves)

H010-TP: Great work, everybody! Sim successful!

(Turn in)

H010-TP: So a skag walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Why the long face?" So the skag says, "Vault Hunters murdered my family."

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