In total, there are 13 weapon chests in the Dividing Faults area.

Location 1 (Red Chest)

This chest is near the east bridge. Head into the alley to the right with 4 shock barrels. Climb on top of the crates by the first barrel, then onto tires stacked up around the corner. From there, jump to the east to reach the chest.

Location 2 (White Chest)

This chest is at the very center of the area. To the south of the ramp where you encounter Dr. Ned-Trap, there are crates stacked up by a red tarp. Jump onto the crates, then the tarp and onto the building to reach the chest.

Location 3 (Red Chest)

This chest is under the ramp where you encounter Dr. Ned-Trap. Go around the back to reach this chest.

Location 4 (Red Chest)

There is a side passage to the left of the D-Fault bridge. Follow it to the end to reach the chest. There will be numerous Claptraps that will ambush you.

Location 5 (Red Chest)

This chest is in the D-Fault camp where you kill D-Fault. It is located behind the house on the south-west corner of the camp.

Location 6 (White Chest)

Drop down from the camp into the pit around the station. Head to the northwest corner to reach the chest. There will always be Badass/Bad-Mutha Skags here.

Location 7 (White Chest)

This chest is in the west end of the area, in the pit surrounding the station.

Location 8 (White Chest)

Just north of Chest #7, there will be a basement like entrance with stairs leading up. The chest is past the stairs, in the southwest corner of the floor, behind some crates.

Location 9 (White Chest)

After going up the stairs from the previous chest, turn to the right. The chest will be on top of an elevated structure. Jump on the lockers against the wall, then to the chest.

Location 10 (White Chest)

This chest is inside the factory. There will be three claptraps guarding the area. The chest is located in a white office-like room.

Location 11 (White Chest)

This chest is located at the western coolant pump.

Location 12 (Red Chest)

This chest is located at the central coolant pump.

Location 13 (Red Chest)

This chest is located at the eastern coolant pump.

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