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Doc Mercy
Doc Mercy01
Makes bullet holes with no bullets and a mean snow angel
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Location Three Horns - Valley, Digistruct Peak
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2

Doc Mercy is a nomad miniboss in Borderlands 2.


Doc Mercy begins using an E-tech weapon and when Dr. Zed learns of bodies turning up riddled with bullet holes, but with no bullets in them, he offers a mission to uncover Mercy's involvement. Doc Mercy is none too pleased with the interference in his meat work, and doesn't hesitate to open fire.


Main article: Medical Mystery


  • Doc Mercy's corpse switches to that of a Nomad Torturer if the area is exited and re-entered.
  • When farming Doc Mercy, the geyser can be taken by standing just in front of it. It will save a considerable amount of time.(Because of a need for less knock back, Krieg has been given a higher mass which makes taking the geyser impossible)
  • Another way to get to Doc Mercy is by spawning an outrunner, backing up to the mountain by the Bloodshot Stronghold, and ramping the big geyser to land on the left side of Mercy's hideout. Getting out of the runner and doing some simple jumps will land you halfway up the stairs to Doc Mercy.
  • Doc Mercy has an increased chance of dropping the Infinity in Normal Mode, the first playthrough. In True Vault Hunter Mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, the probability reverts to that of the Skullmasher . The 6 August 2013 Hot Fix resolved this issue, he now drops the Infinity in every mode.
  • Doc Mercy will appear in The Raid on Digistruct Peak (at Decimation Destination) at Overpower Level 4 or above.


  • Doc Mercy actually has a medical degree, which Zed is not too happy about.
  • Doc Mercy holds the sign of Generally Hospital as a shield.
  • According to Tannis, he also has a degree in Ass-Kickery.

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