Dr. Patricia Tannis: Some people, who are not me, might consider slag experimentation immoral. Some people would not be willing to pay you a great deal of money for bringing me experiment results from the Hyperion Preserve. Some people are stupid.

(Vault Hunter arrives to Wildlife Exploitation Preserve and collects ECHO recorders.)


Handsome Jack: Okie-dokie, Sammy, let's say we start that test?

Doctor Samuels: It's Doctor Samuels. The test subject is still conscious, you can't expect me to..."

Handsome Jack: Sorry, baby, I can't hear you over the sound of people not being injected with Eridium right now. This Vault Key didn't make Eridium come outta the ground for nothing, right? So, we've got it -- might as well do some good with it! You're not eager to be on the other side of that glass, are you, sweetheart?"

Doctor Samuels: Commencing Eridium mutation test on subject number two. Subject: Erik Franks.


Male Test Subjest: Please listen to me! I don't care what you do to me, just let my husband go! He's got the shivers, he's no good for your goddamned experiments anyway! Just please let him go!

Handsome Jack: What's the hold up, Sammy?

Doctor Samuels: Don't call me--

Doctor Samuels: This subject is... unsuitable for testing. His husband has the shivers. He could have transmitted--

Handsome Jack: Hey, remember that wife of yours? And how you wanted to see her, like, ever again?

Doctor Samuels: You can't...

Handsome Jack: Still don't hear screaming.

(Electrocution-like sound is heard in the background...)

Male Test Subjest: AHHHH! AHHHH!


Doctor Samuels: Commencing slag injection on subjects supplied by the Hyperion liaison known as... ugh. Flesh-Stick.

Test Subjest #524: Don't worry, honey, everything's gonna be okay.

Test Subjest #525: Baby, don't look.

Dr. Patricia Tannis: You are doing moderately well. I require one more ECHO recording, at which point I will have all the data I need.


Test Subjest #525: Sweetheart... remember that heavy, red rock I told you to hide in your dress? Pull the pin at the top, then throw it at the wall!

Test Subjest #523: Mommy?

Test Subjest #525: Just run! TINA! RUUUUUNNNN!

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary and turns in the mission to Dr. Tannis.)

Dr. Patricia Tannis: In addition to being highly entertaining, the data you've found may hold the key to stopping the spread of slag poisoning.

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