Dodgewall is a challenge in The Nexus worth 5 Badass points. The challenge can only be acquired during the mission File Search.


During the mission File Search, the Vault Hunters are trapped in a rectangular room full of refuse, and red bands of energy called Deletion Fields start sweeping the room, destroying garbage and causing massive amounts of shock damage to any Vault Hunter who touches them. The challenge is completed by avoiding contact with the Deletion Fields throughout the whole segment. Because the Deletion Fields only occur during the mission itself, the challenge can be missed in any given playthrough.


  • It's possible to cheat the system if the Vault Hunter does take damage from a field. Simply save+quit to the main menu while the Deletion Fields are still active, and then re-enter the game. The Vault Hunter will respawn outside of the Security area, and can snipe the remaining mission targets from a safe vantage point. The final objective will be obscured from outside the room, but can be reached by splash damage from grenades or rockets without line-of-sight required.


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