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(Accept mission)

Tassiter: Hey. Assholes. The board, for whatever reason, has decided to allocate some supplies for you. They've bought some loot from a Pandoran arms dealer which is being shipped to Helios now.

Jack: Oh, well that's just wonderful -- the board's on my side! Vault Hunters, get to the turrets and defend those arms shipments.

(Arrive at last jump pad before turret)

Tassiter: You've made it -- color me surprised and nauseated. Get to the supply platform to protect that delivery.

(Arrive at supply platform OR Restart mission from console)

Tassiter: The board of directors sent you some supplies. The supply container is stuck in the space junk. Make sure it doesn't get blown up, ingrate.

Jack: Just go ahead and bring out a worker bot and defend it while it pulls in the shipping container.

(Summon worker bot)

Jack: Alright, get on that turret and protect the worker bot while it brings the container back in.

(Mount turret)

Jack: Buncha debris in the bot's way -- better clear it out.

Hyperion: Bot path obstructed. Please clear path.

Hyperion: Dahl fighters spotted. Destroy them.

Jack: The debris! Blast the space junk!

(Shipment damaged)

Hyperion: Shipment is being damaged.

Tassiter: They're hitting the shipment, genius.

Jack: They're whailing on the shipment pretty hard there, chief.

Hyperion: Shipment integrity failing.

(Shipment damaged - second and further attempts)

Tassiter: Why are you letting them attack the shipment?

Jack: If you don't protect the shipment, Tassiter will keep saying dickish stuff.

Tassiter: Do you try to be this incompetent or is it hereditary?

Jack: Case in point.

Tassiter: You're screwing up, to no one's surprise.

Jack: The shipment's taking damage! Come on, I'm gonna lose support with the board of directors if this shipment doesn't make it!

(Destroyed 2 patrols)

Hyperion: Further Dahl patrols incoming.

(Destroyed 4 more patrols)

Hyperion: Final wave of Dahl fighters have arrived. Finish them.

Hyperion: Meteors incoming.

(Destroyed 3 meteors)

Tassiter: More meteors coming -- blast them if you aren't too distracted by all the pretty lights.

(Destroyed 6 more meteors)

Jack: Got more meteors coming in!

Jack: Protect the bot -- c'mon, you can do this. You're cool.

(Shipment arrives)

Jack: Yeah! You got guns, I got the board of directors on my side... You know, apart from the fact that tons of people died, today's just... awesome.

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