Drifter Lifter is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx that becomes available on T-Bone Junction Bounty Board after Athena Set Up Us The Bomb is complete. Volunteers are encouraged to kill Skyscraper, a drifter boss located in the Sunken Sea.


"Locals have seen a larger drifter out there and dubbed him Skyscraper. He's a real menace. See if you can take him down."


Drifter Lifter03:23

Drifter Lifter

Video walkthrough


Kill Skyscraper
  • Skyscraper killed


Main article: Skyscraper


"Skyscraper has been demolished!"


  • It is possible to kill Skyscraper before flagging this mission. If this happens players can simply exit out and restart the game to respawn him.
  • The Lancer's shock cannon can quickly dispatch Skyscraper. The Monster's homing missiles are also easy to use.

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