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A Dwarf is a type of enemy featured in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.



Spotting a Vault Hunter
  • "It's the one who killed boss!"
  • "You'll regret punching our leader!"
  • "At least it's not a bloody creeper!"
  • "I will cleanse my beard with your corpse!"
Vault Hunter ran away
  • "Ha! Scared him off."
Hit by critical hit
  • "You hit my beard!"
  • "Losing is fun..."
  • "Son of a bitch..."


  • Killing a Dwarf counts towards the Scot-Free challenge in the challenge list.
  • Dwarves have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Dwarf
    • TVHM: Dwarf Warrior
    • UVHM: Dwarf Warmonger


  • The quote, "At least it's not a bloody creeper!" is a reference to the game Minecraft, in which exploding Creepers present a hazard.
  • The quote "Losing is fun..." is a reference to the game Dwarf Fortress, which is a simulation of ruling a dwarf fortress, and has no goal or win condition so the only way the game will end is in a loss. "Losing is fun," is the final sentence of the opening paragraph of the guide.

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