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The E-GUN is a unique aftermarket laser manufactured by Maliwan. The E-GUN is obtained from the mission Sub-Level 13: Part 2 located in Sub-Level 13.

Special Effect

Kills ghosts, apparently.  – Special element, all parts fixed, incredibly high continuous damage bonus. No movement speed penalty when aiming down sights.

Usage & Description

The E-Gun is a unique weapon in several regards. An obvious difference between it and other beams is that it is non-elemental. This makes it the only laser weapon known to benefit from bonuses affecting non-elemental damage. Additionally, a situational-yet-important effect of the E-Gun is that it is the only weapon capable of damaging the ghosts encountered during the Sub-Level 13 mission.

However, it forfeits several defining traits of Maliwan weapons for its gimmick of being a non-elemental laser weapon, and its damage is resisted by shields. On top of this, non-elemental bonuses are uncommon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, further pulling its value into question.


  • Vault Hunters receive a mission weapon version of this while Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is active.
    • A permanent version of the gun is awarded if the mission is turned in to Schmidt by using the inverter to repair the fast travel station.
  • The E-GUN spawns with all parts fixed, consisting of a Maliwan body, Dahl barrel and stock, Tediore grip, no sight and a unique effect that allows this weapon to defeat ghosts.
  • Even though it spawns with a Dahl barrel, it behaves as though it spawned with a Maliwan barrel.
  • Showdown greatly reduces the E-Gun's strong recoil.
  • Despite the fact that the E-GUN is non-elemental, its beam is resisted by both shields and armor.
    • This could be due to the fact that it is actually an incendiary beam re-colored to be non-elemental, but stripped of any other traits for a fire weapon (i.e. ignite enemies).
    • It can be considered as a special incendiary gun which does extra damage instead of ignite enemy. Damage coefficients is same as Incendiary. Real base damage is always 14% higher than listed. For example, in Normal mode, Lvl 50 E-GUN with base damage 1717 shoot flesh enemy would get 1717 * 150% * 114% = 2936.
    • It doesn't benefit from any elemental bonus damage (such as Athena's Maelstrom), yet it doesn't count as non-elemental damage (wont trigger Nisha's Magnificent Six or Hot Lead). On the other hand, it doesn't take reduced damage from enemy fire resistance or non-elemental resistance.
    • When the E-GUN is swapped to any other guns, Jack's Sponsored By skill will treat it as a non-elemental Maliwan weapon. It will add 25% non-elemental damage to the current gun (1x damage to flesh and shield, 0.8x damage to armor in True Value Hunter Mode).
  • E-GUN works with Nisha's The Unforgiven skill and triggers explosions at the end of Showdown. The beam will not, however, ricochet from enemy to enemy.
  • E-GUN does not work with Nisha's Hot Lead skill, because of the fact that this is the only non-elemental beam and the elemental-behaviours are still present on the weapon.
  • The line, 'Kills ghosts, apparently', is added as one of the bullet points on the gun, adding it as a actual bonus use of this weapon, even with the fact that once Sub Level-13 is completed, there are no more 'ghosts' in the entire game.


  • The E-GUN is a reference to Ghostbusters:
    • It is a continuous orange beam weapon that is very effective against ghosts, similar to that of the proton pack from the Ghostbusters film.
    • E-GUN name bears resemblance to "Dr. Egon Spengler", the creator of the proton pack
    • It is branded with a No symbol, reminiscent of the Ghostbusters logo of similar design
  • The E-GUN is the only Maliwan weapon without an element.

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