E-GUN is a unique aftermarket Maliwan laser available in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The E-GUN is obtained from the mission Sub-Level 13: Part 2 located in Sub-Level 13.

Special Effect

Kills ghosts, apparently.  – Special element, fixed weapon parts. No movement speed penalty when aiming down sights.

Usage & Description

The E-Gun is a unique weapon in several regards. An obvious difference between it and other beams is that it is non-elemental. This makes it the only laser weapon known to benefit from bonuses affecting non-elemental damage. Additionally, a situational-yet-important effect of the E-Gun is that it is the only weapon capable of damaging the ghosts encountered during the Sub-Level 13 mission.

In exchange for its unique element, the E-GUN forfeits the ability to convey a damage-over-time effect, and is heavily resisted by shields and armor. However, the E-GUN is actually stronger against flesh enemies than normal fire-element weapons, dealing roughly 170% damage to flesh targets in normal difficulty, and 200% in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Also unlike normal fire weapons, since the E-GUN has no damage-over-time effect, it does not lose any of its damage potential when used in a vacuum.


  • Vault Hunters receive a mission weapon version of this while Sub-Level 13: Part 2 is active.
    • A permanent version of the gun is awarded if the mission is turned in to Schmidt by using the inverter to repair the fast travel station. The mission and reward versions of the weapon are identical.
  • The E-GUN spawns with all parts fixed, consisting of a Maliwan body, Dahl barrel and stock, Tediore grip, no sight and a unique effect that allows this weapon to defeat ghosts.
    • Even though the E-GUN's barrel has an appearance identical to one of Dahl manufacture, it behaves like a normal Maliwan barrel.
    • In the game code, the E-GUN barrel is actually referred to as Maliwan_Egun, so it is not actually considered a Dahl barrel.
  • Showdown greatly reduces the E-Gun's strong recoil.
  • E-GUN works with Nisha's The Unforgiven skill and triggers explosions at the end of Showdown. The beam will not, however, ricochet from enemy to enemy.
  • E-GUN does not work with Nisha's Hot Lead or Magnificent Six skills, because of the fact that this weapon is not technically non-elemental. it simply has a unique element that no other gun can have.
  • The line 'Kills ghosts, apparently' is added as one of the bullet points on the gun, listing it as an actual bonus to the weapon's stats--though, once the mission Sub Level-13 is completed, there are no more 'ghosts' to be found in the entire game.


  • The E-GUN is a reference to Ghostbusters:
    • It is a continuous orange beam weapon that is very effective against ghosts, similar to that of the proton pack from the Ghostbusters film.
    • E-GUN name bears resemblance to "Dr. Egon Spengler", the creator of the proton pack
    • It is branded with a No symbol, reminiscent of the Ghostbusters logo of similar design
  • The E-GUN is only available in purple rarity.

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