Echo Recorder01

An ECHO Recorder is a portable voice recording and playback device.


ECHO Recorders are portable audio recording devices with a number of visible controls on the unit. They appear to have a gain potentiometer, a one band/octave real-time analyser, and an adjustable microphone. Several other buttons presumably provide the basic functions of playing and recording audio data.


ECHO Recorders feature in a number of missions. Most notably, they are used to embellish the lore of Borderlands by having players locate old recordings from NPCs in the story. They also see occasional use as a mission provider instead of an animated NPC.

Patricia Tannis, in the absence of human company, had also developed an imagined relationship with her ECHO Recorder. This relationship blossomed, and eventually died, during the course of her "Hidden Journals" recordings.

ECHO Recorder Missions

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

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