Elder Skags are simply older skags. Their color differs from their younger counterparts, taking on a yellow/brown hue. They are armored on the head, but can still be dealt with from the front. Their attacks include a charge, that knocks the player back. A slow motion where they stand on their hind legs and spit, the typical claw attack all skags have and one that is semi-unique to them, where they stick out their tongue and lash it around, whipping anything within range. Their charge attack, though easy to avoid, can knock the player around and easily disorient them.


Their armored sections reduce all bullet and melee damage by about three quarters, and is resistant to corrosive damage.

And like all Skags their critical hit area, is its mouth when it roars.


Playthrough 1: Elder Skag
Playthrough 2: Hulking Elder Skag
Playthrough 2.5: Stalwart Elder Skag


In Borderlands:

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