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Elemental is Lilith's second skill tree, of three. The Elemental tree focuses on Lilith's interactions with tech effects. Her other skill trees are Controller and Assassin.



Elemental Skill Tree

Tier 1

  • Quicksilver: Increases your Fire Rate with all weapons. (First level: +5% Fire Rate)
  • Spark: Increases your chance of causing Elemental Effects with Elemental Weapons. (First level: +4% Elemental Effect chance)

Tier 2

  • Resilience: Increases your resistance to Fire, Shock, Corrosive, and Explosive Damage. (First level: +6% Elemental Resistance)
  • Radiance: You deal Shock Damage to nearby enemies while Phasewalking. Damage is based on your Level and the Skill’s Level. (First level: +1 Shock Damage)

Tier 3

  • Venom: Adds Corrosive Damage to your melee attacks. Also, your melee attacks have a chance to Corrode enemies, causing additional damage over time (D.O.T). (First level: +5% Melee Damage)
  • Intuition: Killing an enemy increases your movement speed and the experience you and your team earn for a few seconds. (+10% Movement Speed, +4% Team Experience)

Tier 4

  • Phoenix: Killing an enemy causes you to deal Fire Damage (increases with level and skill point allocation) to nearby enemies and makes your shots not always cost ammo for a few seconds. (+1 Fire Damage, 5% chance to save ammo)

Lilith Skills
Controller Elemental Assassin

Striking • Intuition • Phoenix • Quicksilver • Radiance • Resilience • Spark • Venom

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