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Elemental Alpha skags give increased experience and comparable loot, sometimes dropping Eridian Artifacts. These rare, ultimately dangerous Skags do not have a slashing attack and instead employ an area-of-effect forward body slam with radiating shock-waves tinged with their displayed element. They will also move to within tongue-whip range and instead of lashing, will spray their target either with short-ranged gouts of flame, arcing sparks, or ravening streams of vaporous acid. The shockwave can't be easily jumped over, and the projectile attacks can be lethal, so some degree of distance is preferred over being up close and personal with these hulking titans. When distance isn't an option, however, it's best to have an elemental weapon available that opposes their own. Matador shotguns also do nicely. The three elemental skag creature types are Fire, Shock and Corossive.



Playthrough 1:Badass
Playthrough 2:BadMutha
Playthrough 2.5:SuperBad

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