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Custom mapslot 17:- "Maze of The Living Dead"

Maze of The Living Dead is a random maze map that sets itself to one of half a dozen layouts when it loads and is full of hordes of random zombies and a number of secret rooms.

I was going for an 'old-school' dungeon/maze type of gameplay (with hidden treasure rooms) using the random capabilities of a modern game engine to eliminate the predictability of the old-style gameplay.

Because of the simplicity of the geometry and the precomputed static lightmap (no dynamic lights/shadows) this map has a smaller memory footprint than the smallest Gearbox made map and will run at a constant 60+ fps (it also loads about as quickly as Oasis)


a couple of random screenshots

The map uses Mapslot 17 in Oasis & requires DLC1 & DLC3 installed to work.

The map can be downloaded from

Fun in co-op as the enemies get both tougher & more numerous with each extra player ;) - (GIT)r-man

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