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It's just flooded.

The Abandoned Badlands is a series of new and overleveled bosses in their own arenas, with three difficulty levels which scale the whole map: "Leisure", "Difficult", and "Suicide" . Additionally there are new weapons, and a new chest type that only carries the new weapons designed by s260ex1. Farming is recommended.
Teleport point 7

New Enemies:

The Abandoned Badlands features a number of new enemies with new, custom-made sprites (screenshots coming soon).

Bubba - A Badass Bruiser type boss, wields a random weapon.

Mega Steve - A Badass Bruiser type boss, wields a random weapon.

Shags - A Lancer with modifications similar to Mad Mel's truck.

Rod - A Bandit type boss, wields the custom AK47 assault rifle.

Sideshow - Looks almost like a green Nine-Toes, wields the custom Sepulchre combat shotgun.

The Jackal - An adult skag with armor similar to Pinky and Digit.

New Weapons:

All weapons are randomly generated.


Hyperion Hierarchy - "Top of the food chain"

  • x5 Projectiles fired at the cost of 2 ammo.
  • -200% Accuracy.
  • -2% Damage.
  • -20% Magazine size.
  • Can only spawn with barrel1 and barrel2.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Chaos (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip5 (Grip)

ABLGuns.acc.acc4_Chaos (Accessory)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_Torgue_Chaos (Title)

Dahl Grizzly - "Strong and Long"

  • +15% Damage.
  • +10% Accuracy.
  • +20% Recoil Reduction.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Grizzely (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip2 (Grip)

ABLGuns.Barrel.barrel4_Dahl_Grizzely (Barrel)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Dahl1_Grizzely (Title)

Jakobs Lariat - "LEVELED!"

  • +40% Damage.
  • Thumper style only.
  • +10% Critical hit damage.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Lareint (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip4 (Grip)

ABLGuns.mag.mag1_thumperLarient (Magazine)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Jakobs_Larient (Title)

Combat Rifle

S&S Cepheus - "When two gods live as one"

  • Orion style shock damage.
  • +15% Damage.
  • No negative -40% damage on accessory effect.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Draco (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip3 (Grip)

ABLGuns.acc.acc4_SandS_Draco_Incendiary (Accessory)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_SandS_Draco (Title)

Jakobs AK47 - "If it ain't a Jakobs I'd rather be dead"

  • Machine Gun with slight knockback
  • Low rate of fire.
  • Increased damage.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_JakobsAK (Itemgrade)

ABLAK.A_Weapon.WeaponType_support_machinegunABL (Weapon type) The custom AK is actually a Combat rifle instead of a Support MG.

ABLAK.Barrel.body~ABLDef (Body)

ABLAK.Barrel.grip1ABLDef (Grip)

ABLAK.A_Weapon.mag5ABL (Magazine) Can not differ

ABLAK.Barrel.barrel~ABLDef (Barrel)

ABLAK.Barrel.sight~ABLDef (Sight) Uses combat rifle sights however ABLAK.Barrel.sight3ABLDef is actually Combat rifle sight no. 4 (reason unknown)

ABLAK.Barrel.stock~ABLDef (Stock)

(Can not carry an acc).

(Can not have a Material).

(Prefix is = gd_weap_names_shared.Prefix.PrefixU_blank)

ABLAK.Title.TitleP_AK47 (Title)

~ Is where a numer should be existing variating form 1 to 5 (parts)

Dahl Marine - "The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle"

  • +7% Damage. (Over Dahl Material 3, to a total of +17%)
  • +17% Accuracy.
  • -10% Fire Rate
  • +3 Mag. size.
  • +100% Critical hit damage.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Marine2 (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip4 (Grip)

ABLGuns.SupportMachineGun.acc4_Marine (Accessory)

ABLGuns.SMG.MatDahMarine_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Dahl_marine (Title)


S&S Sepulchre - "R.I.P."

  • 7x Projectiles fired.
  • Combat Shotgun with a banana clip and high tech level.
  • Can spawn with elemental accessories.
  • Can spawn with the Crux accessory.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLSideShowShotty.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_SideShow (Itemgrade)

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.WeaponType_assault_shotgun2 (Weapon type)

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.body~ABLDef2 (Body)

ABLSideShowShotty.Grip.grip1 (Grip)

ABLGuns.mag.SideShowMag (Magazine) Can not differ

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.barrel~ABLDef2 (Barrel)

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.sight~ABL2 (Sight)

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.stock~ABL2 (Stock)

ABLSideShowShotty.MagBack (Action)

ABLSideShowShotty.acc.acc~ABL2 (Accessory) In order to have the crux acc. it needs the following after the ~ = _SandSCruxABL2

~ Is where a numer should be existing variating form 1 to 5 (parts)

Maliwan Cremator - "Everything Burns"

  • 7x Projectiles fired.
  • Exactly like the Maliwan Plague, except fire element and causes procs on every inpact.
  • No negative -40% damage on accessory effect.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Cremator (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip3 (Grip)

ABLGuns.acc.acc5_Maliwan_Cremator (Accessory)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Maliwan1_Cremator (Title)

Atlas Poseidon - "The institution of storms"

  • 14x Projectiles fired.
  • +30% Damage.
  • +6% Accuracy.
  • -10% Rate of fire.
  • -15% Mag. size.
  • Health steal abbility when procing. Similar to the Aries revolver, except a shotgun.
  • Can only spawn with barrel2 due to its "Matador" based nature.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Atlas (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip5 (Grip) ABLGuns.RevolverPistol.acc5_Heal_Posidon (Accessory)

ABLGuns.SMG.AtlasPosidon_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_AtlasPosidon (Title)

Hyperion Blood - "It spills tonight....."

  • 7x Projectiles fired.
  • +18% Damage. (Over Hyperion Material 3, to a total of +28%)
  • -10% Accuracy.
  • +20% Rate of fire.
  • +2 Mag. size.
  • +100% Critical hit damage.
  • +200% Melee damage.
  • Can spawn with the Butcher barrel.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_HyperionMG (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip3 (Grip) Not to be mistaken with the original Grip3b like a normal Hyperion shotgun

ABLGuns.mag.mag3aBlood (Magazine)

ABLGuns.acc.acc1_JaggedBlood (Accessory)

ABLGuns.SMG.TorgueChaos_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_HyperionMG (Title)


Torgue Jackal - "Jesus Christ is in Heaven now."

  • Long-barreled revolver similar to the Unforgiven without the critical hit bonus.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Unique_PartCollections.CustomWeap_VenRev (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip2 (Grip)

ABLGuns.Unique_PartCollections.barrel5 (Barrel)

(no sight)

(no acc)

gd_weap_shared_materialparts.ManufacturerMaterials.Material_Torgue_3 (Material)

ABLGuns.Unique_PartCollections.TitleU_The_Jackal (Title)

All parts are pre-determined exept for it's stock

Atlas Commandant - "For when you need a little somethin' extra"

  • Masher-style revolver that doesn't get the 7x projectile count from its accessory, but rather from the barrel.
  • Slightly increased damage.
  • Can not spawn with the masher accessory.
  • High tech. level enhancement.
  • No standard ammo regeneration.
  • Can spawn with the Equalizer body.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_TDREV (Itemgrade)

gd_weap_revolver_pistol.Grip.grip1 (Grip)

ABLGuns.Barrel.barrel4Jakobs (Barrel)

ABLGuns.SMG.TDRev_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_TDRev (Title)


Torgue Moderator - "Om nom nom nom!"

  • +30% Damage. (Received from the edited version of Torgue Material 3)
  • No negative -40% damage from accessory effect.
  • +10% Accuracy.
  • -10% Rate of fire
  • Shoots both the explosive and fire element with a high chance of a proc.
  • Can spawn with the Violator barrel.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Modderator (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip4 (Grip)

ABLGuns.RepeaterPistol.acc5TorgueModderator (Accessory)

ABLGuns.SMG.TorgueModderator_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_TorgueModderator (Title)

Maliwan Botox - "Imma' make you feel the toxic" - (appears to be a repeater with x4 corrosive damage. Yet to be confirmed)

Weapon Unique Parts:

Rocket Launcher

Tediore Bouncer - "The peace keeper"

  • Ammo regeneration.
  • -10% Rate of fire.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Bouncer (Itemgrade)

ABLGuns.Body.body5Boncer (Body) gd_weap_revolver_pistol.Grip.grip1 (Grip)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Tediore_Bouncer (Title)

S&S Taurus - "When the hunted becomes the hunter..." - (appears to be a high ammo capacity rocketlauncher that has a custom made exhaust fume)

Weapon Unique Parts:

Sniper Rifle

Maliwan Assassin - "One shot. One kill."

  • +12% Damage. (Over Atlas Material 3, to a total of +32%)
  • +10% Accuracy.
  • -20% Rate of fire.
  • +10% Reload Speed
  • Can have up to a max of 99.3 accuracy.
  • Always corrosive damage with 100% proc. chance.
  • Can spawn with the cyclops scope.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Assassin (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip5 (Grip)

ABLGuns.acc.acc3_Torgue_Assassin (Accessory)

ABLGuns.SMG.TorgueAssassin_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleM_Torgue_Assassin (Title)

Torgue Predator - "Wait and Bleed..."

  • +6% Damage. (Over Torgue Material 3, to a total of +36%)
  • +10% Accuracy.
  • +20% Rate of fire.
  • +40% Mag. size.
  • +360% critical hit damage.
  • +10% Health cap. increase.
  • Can spawn with the Cobra accessory.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Hurricane (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip2_Torgue (Grip)

ABLGuns.Barrel.Barrle4_Torgue_Predator (Barrel) The misspell in Barrel.Barrle is supposed to be there

ABLGuns.SMG.TorguePredator_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_Maliwan_Hurricane (Title)

Vladof Dascnitle - "WTF To name you..." - (appears to be a semi-auto sniper with a high rate of fire. Yet to be confirmed)

Weapon Unique Parts:

Jakobs Mammoth - "Jakobs; Sense [sic, recte Since] the dawn of time..."

  • High damage.
  • No scope. (Improper make. Itemcard states 1.8x zoom but due to no scope being present will revert into faultive FOV).
  • +280% Critical Hit Damage
  • Double critical hit statement (according to itemcard).
  • Can not spawn with any accessory.
Weapon Unique Parts:

ABLGuns.Pearlescent_Weapons.CustomWeap_Jakobs (Itemgrade)

Uses Grip4 (Grip)

ABLGuns.Barrel.barrel3Mamoth (Barrel) It states barrel 3 but it reality it's barrel 4

ABLGuns.UniqueParts.Mammoth_sight_none (Sight)

ABLGuns.SMG.JakobsMamoth_Material (Material)

ABLGuns.Title.TitleP_Jakobs_M (Title)

Support machinegun

Vladof Revolt - "Breakin' Da Rulez" - (appears to be a MG with x4 incendiary damage)

Weapon Unique Parts:

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