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Endowed is a Tier One talent in Brick's Blaster tree that increases Brick's explosive damage.

Skill Progression

Explosive Damage Increase +3% +6% +9% +12% +15%

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of a Bad Ass or Bombardier class mod.

Explosive Damage Increase +18% +21% +24% +27%


Pair Endowed with the explosive element for a more powerful Berserk punch without the vision impairment that comes with shock and fire.


  • The damage bonus applies to all applications of the explosive element, including rocket launchers, vehicle rockets, grenades, weapons with an elemental accessory, and Explosive-branded Berserk fists.
  • The damage bonus stacks with that from a Blast Master class mod.

Brick Skills
Brawler Tank Blaster

Cast Iron • Endowed • Liquidate • Master Blaster • Rapid Reload • Revenge • Wide Load

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