Enforcers are biker enemies that appear in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. They are muscle-bound brutes with grossly oversized chests and biceps. They typically wear a singlet and many are able to fight with two guns simultaneously.

Enforcer Units

  • Burner Enforcer - Burner Enforcers wear the yellow garb common to Pete's burners, but unlike others of that group they refrain from wearing helmets. They typically fight with a pair of automatic weapons, one in each hand, and can be found most frequently in The Beatdown.
  • Momma's Enforcer - Momma's Enforcers wear purple pants and singlets, matched by a purple bandanna on their heads. They wrap pale green chains around their necks and left thigh to complement the green of their gloves and boots, and to complete the image of being among Momma's boys. They carry a shotgun in each hand, and a most often found in the Southern Raceway.
  • Torgue Enforcer - Torgue Enforcers wear yellow and red, with heavy yellow pauldrons and yellow bandannas. They commonly fight with shotguns or assault rifles and frequent the Badass Crater of Badassitude.


  • Badass Burner Enforcer - Badass Burner Enforcers carry one gun in their right hand and wear a yellow spiked pith helmet. They are most frequently encountered in the Beatdown.
  • Badass Momma's Enforcer - Badass Momma's Enforcers are tougher opponents than regular Momma's Enforcers, although look much the same. They fight with just one weapon clutched in their right hand.
  • Badass Torgue Enforcer - Badass Torgue Enforcers look quite different to regular Torgue Enforcers, with a massive red and black helmet and no shoulder protection.




Enforcers move slowly around the field of battle, not bothering to take cover, and generally unleashing a high rate of fire with paired guns. They occasionally break into a flat out sprint to close the distance with their targets, where they will initiate a jumping stomp attack that can knock victims away. Enforcers have no limit to the distance that they can jump and can sometimes be seen making incredible vertical leaps to reach a target on a higher elevation.

Badass enforcers carry only one gun, but are much tougher to kill than their regular counterparts.


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