In the Eridian Promontory, there is 1 white weapon chest and 6 red weapon chests. The first six chests are generally easy to find. The 7th chest is accessible from near the end of the Promontory (before the entrance to the vault.)

Location 1: (Red Chest)

Just after the path turns to the left for a second time, the Vault Hunter can find this chest up the slope slightly left of the main path. The chest, as well as a few ammo crates, lies under the red canopy tent.

Location 2: (White Chest)

From Location 1 (above), if the player stands right in front of the chest and looks directly north-west, they can see another red canopy tent. The white chest is on the ground just before reaching this tent.

Location 3: (Red Chest)

After getting the white chest, the main path leads due north. Continue north until you see a broken arch near the north-east side of the map. The chest is just beyond the broken arch.

Location 4: (Red Chest)

North-west from Location 3, players can see what looks like 2 stone pillars on the next cliff over. A red chest sits on the ground in front of the pillar on the right. To get there, follow the main path, staying along the right-side edge.

Location 5: (Red Chest)

After looting chest 4, simply turn around and head up the slope on the right to find the next red chest. It is somewhat out of sight, as it is behind one of the Lance assault pods; the chest sits to the left of a Crimson Lance banner.

Location 6: (Red Chest)

As the Vault Hunter approaches the entrance to The Vault, several Guardians and Lance (including a couple Badasses) spawn for the final battle of this map. In this area are 2 red canopy tents; chest #6 is under the tent on the right.

Location 7: (Red Chest)

2012-02-04 00001

Entry point for getting final red chest

Although the final chest is accessible from somewhat near the entrance to the Vault, along a narrow ledge north, back around on the right to the isthmus nearest the vault. Upon looking at the vault entrance, the ledge is accessible on the left, just north of the red tent with ammo chests. It's very easy to slip off the ledge, in which case leads to a fire pit and will force a walk all the way around. To avoid sliding requires a few small jumps. Once over the initial hurdle, the final red chest is sitting on a platform in the upper corner of the cliffside.

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