Execute is a tier 3 skill in Zero's Bloodshed skill tree. If you melee while Decepti0n is active and a target is under your crosshairs, you dash forward a short distance and perform a special melee attack, dealing massive damage.


  • Execute Range: 3 meters


  • Execute deals massive amounts of damage to enemies struck while in Decepti0n - enough to kill most enemies of the same level with one melee attack, and with correct gear and skills, even bosses and stronger enemies.
  • Execute can be used even if an enemy is out of range - in this case, the burst of speed occurs but no finishing melee attack is used, so Decepti0n is not broken. This can be repeated to rapidly close distance between Zer0 and an enemy. It can be also used (with difficulty) against airborne enemies to give Zer0 height greater than that which could be achieved by jumping.
  • Execute automatically triggers Like The Wind and interacts with other skills just like any melee attack. Skills that modify Zer0's movement speed do not change Execute's dash speed.
  • The Decepti0n decoy will block targeting for Execute and also counts as a physical object; hitting it while dashing will cause the dash to fall short.
  • Execute increases the usual melee damage bonus granted by Decepti0n, conferring a bonus from +650% to +1400%.[citation needed]
    • Execute deals most damage if performed just before Decepti0n ends, since the damage bonus increases gradually during Decepti0n. With Many Must Fall, however, this bonus is reset to base minimum every time he kills an enemy with melee while in Decepti0n.
  • As it counts as a Melee Override ability, even if a bayonet\bladed weapon is equipped, performing an Execute will display a sword slash animation (slightly different from the normal melee sword slash). The melee damage bonus from the bladed weapon still applies.
  • Execute will knock back certain types of enemies (small enemies, most human enemies, many types of loaders, etc.), staggering them. This can be used to kill enemies by knocking them down pits or off cliffs.
  • Occasionally Execute will not trigger if the target is too close to Zer0, i.e. within melee range. He will instead perform a normal melee attack, and the damage bonus from Execute will not apply.

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