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Expertise is a tier 1 skill in Axton's Gunpowder skill tree. It increases Axton's weapon swap speed, aim speed, and movement speed while aiming.


  • Weapon Swap Speed: +14% per level
  • Aim Speed: +14% per level
  • Movement Speed: +7% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Weapon Swap Speed +14% +28% +42% +56%+70%
Aim Speed +14% +28% +42% +56%+70%
Movement Speed +7% +14% +21% +28%+35%
Level 6 7 8 9 10
Weapon Swap Speed +84% +98% +112% +126%+140%
Aim Speed +84% +98% +112% +126%+140%
Movement Speed +42% +49% +56% +63%+70%

Can only be leveled past 5 with Legendary Soldier and Slayer of Terramorphous class mods.


  • Aim speed affects the speed to switch from aiming down the sights to the hip and vice versa.
  • The movement speed only takes effect when aiming down the weapon's sights.
    • The Greed pistol and the Interfacer shotgun prevent movement loss when aiming. With several points in Expertise, Axton can actually move faster than sprint speed while using these weapons. This is especially pronounced with a maxed out Expertise with the Slayer of Terramorphous or Legendary Soldier mods.

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