Eye to Eye is the eleventh story mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Find force field power source
  • Disable force field power source
  • ...without triggering an explosion (optional)
  • Disable force field power sources: 0/3
  • ...without making any of them explode (optional)
  • Take the long way around
  • Kill Col. T Zarpedon
  • Get to laser core
  • Meet up with Jack
  • Prepare Eye for shutdown: 0/3
  • Shut down laser
  • Return to command station
  • Iniate reboot sequence
  • Regain control of laser



Remotely shut down the Eye of Helios.

"Stuff just got real. Like, even more real that it had been previously. Dang."

Turn In: Jack


  • Interacting with a FIX loader will transform it into a friendly GUN Loader. If Things That Go Boom has been completed, the FIX loaders may be optionally transformed into EXP Loaders by interacting with them.

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