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F0ll0wthr0ugh is a tier 3 skill in Zer0's Bloodshed skill tree. For a few seconds after any kill, Zer0 gains increased movement speed, gun damage, and melee damage.


  • Movement Speed: +8% per level
  • Gun Damage: +6% per level
  • Melee Damage: +8% per level
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Move Speed +8%+16%+24%+32%+40%
Gun Damage +6%+12%+18%+24%+30%
Melee Damage +8%+16%+24%+32%+40%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
Move Speed +48%+56%+64%+72%+80%+88%
Gun Damage +36%+42%+48%+54%+60%+66%
Melee Damage +48%+56%+64%+72%+80%+88%

Can only leveled past 5 with Stalker and Legendary Ninja class mods.


  • When active, F0ll0wthr0ugh lasts 7 seconds.
  • F0ll0wthr0ugh can produce very dramatic increases in speed, particularly if paired with a good Shadow Stalker class mod. This can aid Zer0 in closing distances very quickly. As such, it combines naturally with powerful, short-range attacks, including melee attacks, shotguns, and inaccurate SMGs or pistols.
    • Combined with Innervate and a good Shadow Stalker or a Legendary Ninja class mod, F0ll0wthr0ugh gives Zer0 a tremendous boost in movement speed if it is active during Decepti0n, allowing Zer0 to cover significant distance, which is increased even further by using Execute.
  • As with all Kill Skills, subsequent kills extend the duration on F0ll0wthr0ugh, potentially having it last through an entire fight.
  • The increased melee damage combines particularly well with Many Must Fall (amplifying repeated Execute slashes after the first, which gain less of a natural benefit from Decepti0n, and aiding in positioning for the next strike, possibly gaining more use from Backstab or Ambush as well) and to a lesser extent with C0unter Strike (both in getting the initial kill and in closing distance to subsequent targets during the latter skill's narrow window).

Zer0 Skills
Sniping Cunning Bloodshed

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