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Fan Boat
Crew 1 driver
1 gunner
2 passengers
Armaments Front: Machine gun
Turret: Corrosive launcher, or flamethrower, or shock launcher
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

The Fan Boat is a vehicle featured in the DLC expansion pack Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt. It is a small hovercraft using one large horizontal fan beneath it for lift and a rear fan for lateral thrust. The fan boat can attain its fastest speed moving forward with the driver able to supplement its natural speed by a short duration boost. It is also capable of rotating on the spot, side-slipping, and reversing. Due to its nature as a hovercraft, it has limited ability to climb gradients, and should it be active on a hillside it will slide down the slope unless it can provide sufficient thrust to counteract the slide.

The fan boat is driven from a mid-port side helm, while a gunner can take up a raised swivel mount gunnery station on the starboard side. The forward gun at the driver's command is a sluggish and inaccurate machine gun activated by the driver's primary fire trigger. The turret weapon can also be controlled by the driver using the secondary fire trigger and will fire forward of the craft unless a gunner takes up that position. If a gunner is present, the turret gun can be rotated a full 360° and fired with the gunner's primary fire trigger, while the secondary fire offers a moderate weapon zoom function. Additional passengers can take up precarious positions on the port and starboard pontoons where cutaway sections offer narrow spaces to stand on.

There are three choices of armament available to the turret gun:

  • Corrosive - Small lobbed grenades of volatile green liquid.
  • Flamethrower - Short range incendiary jet weapon.
  • Shock - Small lobbed grenades that emit violent electrical discharges.

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