Faptrap is a challenge in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter must activate three pressure plates around the map to gain access to a hidden room.


In order to open the secret room, three pressure pads around the level have to be activated using a gravity slam. The hidden room has three lights above its entrance which start out red. When each pad is activated, a light will turn green. The challenge is similar to Perfect Timing in that all three pressure pads must be hit within a certain amount of time for the room to open.

The time limit to hit all three is reasonably tight, and the pads should be activated in a specific order if playing in singleplayer, to maximize chances of success. Specifically, starting with the southernmost pad and working northwards is the most effective approach, as jumping from Dave's Shack allows the Vault Hunter to bypass the switchbacks leading back up to the main area of the map.

Pressure Pad Locations

As shown on the map, the locations are marked in red, and the location of the secret room is marked in green. From south to north (the recommended order for activations), they are located:


  • After hitting the first pressure pad, the game will eventually play a ticking noise to indicate that time is running out to hit the remaining pads, much like is done for Perfect Timing. If the timer runs out, the player can attempt again without having to reset the game or leave the area.
  • Despite the challenge name, there is nothing in the hidden room to suggest onanistic activites. Instead, there is a pizza box, a loot chest, and a data terminal which summarizes Claptrap's experiences in Overlook from Claptrap's perspective, as if written in a very short autobiography. If found before finishing the mission The Psychology of a Claptrap, the data terminal could spoil part of the plot for players.


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