Farming is a term used to describe the process of playing through a specific area, or series of areas, repeatedly in the hopes of finding desirable items. Items found may be used, sold, or traded thus improving the character and the perceived value of the game.


Throughout Pandora, there are silver chests, red chests, lance chests and other lootable objects (Dumpsters, Lockers etc.) The various chests will contain Weapons, Shields, Class Mods, or Grenade Mods.

Farming is conducted by finding a chest and looting the items inside then saving the profile and re-entering the game. When players re-enter, the chests will have been respawned and can be reopened for more items or weapons. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx adds a larger chest type and new areas for farming, most notably the Crimson Armory.

This process is also possible via respawning boss characters, often without the need to save/reload. Simply leave the area in which the boss appears, then return and it will respawn. A prominent example of a "farmable" boss is Crawmerax the Invincible from the General Knoxx DLC, who has a chance to drop Pearlescent loot.


Common Farming Areas and Bosses (Main Game)

Common Farming Areas and Bosses (DLC)

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  • An exceptional (and nearly finished) guide can be found here.

Borderlands 2

Common Farming Areas and Bosses (Main Game)

Common Farming Areas and Bosses (DLC)

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