The Fast Talker is a unique submachine gun manufactured by scavs. It is obtained from the SHiFT vendor in Concordia by owning the season pass for Tales from the Borderlands.

Special Weapon Effects

Elephant? What elephant? – High fire rate and quick reload speed for a Scav submachine gun. Increased accuracy.

Usage & Description

Compared to other blue-rarity scav SMGs, the Fast Talker is much more accurate and reloads quicker. Its strength, however, lies in its very high fire rate, which effectively negates the relatively low damage of Scav submachine guns.

Due to its strengths, the Fast Talker can be used similarly to an Assault Rifle to deliver quick, accurate bursts at medium range, or with the trigger held to maximize damage dealt to tougher foes.


  • This weapon always spawns with a Dahl barrel.

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