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Fast Travel is a teleportion system accessed from the interactive New-U Stations around Pandora. The devices seem to use the same concept as digistructing, deconstructing the traveler and reconstructing them at the destination.


Certain prominent New-U Stations scattered around Pandora have Fast Travel capability. Each Fast Travel terminal is connected to all the other Fast Travel terminals in a planet-wide network, and by accessing any one of them a character can be instantaneously transported to any of the other terminals that they have previously visited. It's users require a Fast Travel Pass in order to use it.

At the time of the Vault hunters' arrival on Pandora the Fast Travel network has been shut down thanks to the machinations of the bandit lord Mad Mel. In order to activate it, the mission Powering The Fast Travel Network must first be completed and this involves recapturing a power station in the Dahl Headlands

Fast Travel Access

To access the Fast Travel Network, players move within activation range of the terminal and use the action key. The menu that appears has two tabs and the one with the rabbit icon denotes the Fast Travel menu. Scrolling through the list of destinations and triggering the action again will transport a character to the desired location, instantly on solo and with a few seconds countdown in multiplayer. However, a travel cannot be initiated if any of the players are saving (on consoles), in a menu or Crippled.

The Fast Travel Network is a valuable part of the game, allowing players to quickly change zones to complete missions, turn them in and pick up new ones.

Downloadable Content Access

Once any of the downloadable content packs have been installed, a player can access additional locations in the game. These areas do not require Powering The Fast Travel Network to be completed. In Borderlands, the only DLC Fast Travel locations are at the start of the DLC areas. In Borderlands 2, there are multiple areas to Fast Travel to in a DLC.

Fast Travel Network

Downloadable Content Locations

Available after completing Skags at the Gate.

Fast Travel locations (Borderlands 2)

Downloadable Content Locations

Fast trvl S01

Exit-only Fast Travel station


Badass Crater of Badassitude


Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep


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