Rakk are flying creatures native to Pandora. They do not have beaks. Instead, they have a flat, fleshy head ending with a pointed snout, with a brightly colored, bony plate on the top, and hooked, rasping barbs lining a soft, slit-like mouth on the bottom. Rakk do not have grasping claws or lower limbs, and instead have a set of curved, razor-sharp talons upon a flexible tail that they use to adhere to rocky surfaces.
Rakk, Skyhunter


Rakk appear to be highly social creatures with a task-based hierarchy that includes scouts, hive defenders, food processing, and perhaps even long-term food storage not unlike honeypot ants on Earth. They are known to be vocal, howling or screeching to rally a flock when a target presents itself or proves itself to be a threat. They also emit a screech at the moment of their slashing attack.

General Strategy

Carnivorous and known to kill living prey, rakk can swoop down and use their tail to lacerate their targets without losing speed, letting them quickly gain altitude and set up another attack run. Like all creatures, there are Badass variants which have elemental properties and will often try to bomb enemies with ranged elemental attacks rather than employ the usual diving slash.

Rakk have a large target profile and no critical spot to exploit, however they are extremely fragile and almost any weapon can be used to dispatch individual rakk fairly quickly.

Shotguns are highly effective against flocks of rakk, filling the air with waves of metal capable of shredding entire sections of an attack run with each shot. Second on the list are Support Machine Guns which can rake a flock with a heavy rain of slugs, knocking one beast out of the sky after the other. Rocket Launchers can be used to vaporize entire flights of rakk if they head straight towards the rocket user. Anarchy Submachine Guns are also effective, combining the spread-out damage of Shotguns with the steady stream of machine guns. Repeater Pistols, Revolvers, and Sniper Rifles are generally not recommended as they either don't hit hard enough per-shot, or don't fire quickly enough to wipe out enough rakk before they strike.

Badass rakk are best taken down at very long range and never in an Outrunner. Use the vehicle to flee the immediate area and set up a corridor of fire to pummel this Badass enemy out of the sky. Combat Rifles or very accurate "Hunter" or "Death" shotguns with extended magazines or fast reload speeds are well suited to do this.

Players would do well to be wary of rakk patrolling the sky - if there is movement in the upper corners of the screen it's usually a good idea to investigate. If an attacking flock of rakk isn't promptly detected it can be deadly at lower levels, and devastating at higher levels. However, it should be noted that not every flock of rakk will attack the player without provocation and that it is occasionally best to leave them alone.

Types of Rakk


  • Playthrough 2: Relentless Rakk
  • Playthrough 2.5: Vindictive Rakk

The common rakk is dark brown with bright orange markings on its head, tail, and wings. Rakk can normally be seen circling in the sky waiting for something to blunder into the territory of its flock. Sometimes they can also be seen hanging upside down, preening itself with its rasp-covered mouth. Rakk do not usually drop anything when they die.

Feeder Rakk

Feeder Rakk 4
  • Playthrough 2: Forager Rakk
  • Playthrough 2.5: Cultivator Rakk
Feeder rakk are bluish white with slightly darker blue splotch-stripes running down the length of their fat lower bodies and tails. Like common rakk they are most often encountered either circling in the sky, or hanging upside down. Feeder rakk often drop cash and ammo when they die, and occasionally shields as well. For this reason, it's best to wait before swatting down feeder rakk so their items can be easily picked up. Rarely they can come in threes in a flock.

Bloated Rakk

Bloated Rakk
  • Playthrough 2: Distended Rakk
  • Playthrough 2.5: Tumescent Rakk
Bloated rakk are easily identified by their large size and brightly acidic-green color and lemon-yellow markings. Bloated rakk are rarely encountered out and in the open, making their appearance usually when the hive is threatened or the flock is called. Bloated rakk, like feeder rakk, will drop items when they die. Almost without fail they will give up large amounts of cash, while occasionally they will drop orb shields and weapons, and very rarely they will drop class mods. They should be prioritized even more carefully than feeder rakk because of the loot they can drop.

Defender Rakk

Defender Rakk
  • Playthrough 2: Experienced Defender Rakk
  • Playthrough 2.5: Hardened Defender Rakk

Specific variation, encountered only during the storyline fight with Rakk Hive. Apart from being grey-coloured, they are quite similar to their common brethren. Defenders are rather weak, despite their name, and even on P2.5 they reach maximum 42 level (while most of the enemies are on 49, 50 or above).

Kamikaze Rakk

Kamikaze Rakk
  • Playthrough 2: Experienced Kamikaze Rakk
  • Playthrough 2.5: Hardened Kamikaze Rakk

Like defender rakk, kamikaze rakk are only encountered during the storyline fight with the Rakk Hive. This variant is only released from the profound guts of the awakened rakk hive, and what makes them even more unique is their suicidal attack: they simply explode upon contact with the victim. Kamikaze rakk have dark, green bodies and lurid, orange wings. They're also the smallest kind.

Badass Elemental Rakk

Badass Corrosive Rakk

Badass Corrosive Rakk

Badass elemental rakk come in the usual array of fire, shock, and corrosive and like all badass enemies, these creatures have a high amount of health. Unlike regular varieties of rakk, badass rakk will swoop down near their prey, and begin bombardment with an elemental projectile instead of using the normal dive and slash attack pattern. The power of these elemental attacks combined with the high amount of health and supreme manueverability afforded these flying monstrosities make them extremely dangerous, especially the fire and shock types. Killing badass rakk may or may not result in a like elemental Artifact being dropped, but rarely will anything else fall out of the sky. There is a guaranteed spawning point for Badass Rakk in the Rust Commons West.


  • Badass Corrosive Rakk
  • Badass Fire Rakk
  • Badass Shock Rakk


Main article: Skelerakk


Fry rakk-trap flock

Rakk-traps are rakk that have been assimilated by the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap to fight on the side of the Robot Revolution. Rakk-traps behave akin to their normal counterparts, however their appearance will differ somewhat. Rakk-traps wear the typical claptrapped headgear of an assimilated creature, have their organic wing membrane replaced by a patched material in the manner of other claptrapped creatures, have visibly pulsing lines that appear similar to fiber optic lines, and have a Claptrap-type red reticle embedded on their heads. Rakk-traps appear only in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution.

Borderlands 2 Types

Volcanic Rakk

File:2012-10-02 00018.jpg

Volcanic rakk are only encountered in The Vault of The Warrior. They are generally weaker than other rakk at the same level, so they are very useful for getting second wind while fighting The Warrior. However their threat is that once they are attacked, they will counter-attack ceaselessly since they become immediately aggressive when they respawn.

Slagged Rakk

Often appear with regular rakk, easily distinguishable by the slag "effect".  Can apply the slag debuff to a player with a regular attack.

Rakkman's Minions

Rakkman's Minions are only encountered in Rakkman's Cave in The Fridge. Their behavior does not differ from regular rakk.


Skrakks are Dr. Zed's freakish hybrids between skags and rakks, with the body of a skag and rakk wings. They are encountered in the Arid Nexus during Monster Mash: Part 3.

Badass Rakks

Badass rakk appear on True Vault Hunter Mode more often than on Normal. Badass rakk can spawn with or without an element, and have significantly more health than a standard rakk.

Chubby Rakk

Chubby rakk are extremely rare badass rakk that can spawn in any rakk flock. Typically, chubby rakk are of a slightly higher level than other creatures in the area, and are considerably more powerful than the standard badass rakk. Killing a chubby rakk grants the achievement/trophy Cute Loot, and each has a chance of dropping a Cracked Sash or one of several Legendary items.
Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.19.29 AM


  • While Borderlands presents the word "rakk" as both the plural and singular form, certain NPCs can be heard saying, "Didja hear? We lost Jess to the rakks."
  • Despite their aggressive behavior, it is inferred that rakk are also scavengers as well as predators. For example, Baron Flynt tells the Vault Hunters in an ECHO communication that their rotted bodies "will be nothing more than food for rakk" when the salt flats are entered for the first time.
  • Rakk often spawn from dormant Rakk Hives half buried in the ground, but are also known to inhabit burrows well above ground level.
  • Bloated and feeder rakk drop sniper rifles more commonly than any other type of gun.
  • When a Rakk is Phaselocked by Maya in Borderlands 2, it will fall to the ground when released.
  • In true vault hunter mode, their names change to sky hunter.


  • Rakk have a symbiotic relationship with Rakk Hives. They roost within the porous hide of the Rakk Hive, while the Rakk Hive gains protection from other predators, even when hibernating.
  • The name "rakk" is possibly a reference to the giant mythical hunting bird, the Roc.

Notable rakk

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