Find Bruce McClane is one of the optional missions in the Arid Badlands. Completion of this mission counts towards the Made in Fyrestone achievement.



Find Bruce McClane

  • Bruce McClane found: 0/1
"Can anyone help me? I haven't heard from my fiancee in weeks. His name is Bruce McClane, and he lives in a shack out near Zephyr Substation. Last I saw him, he was bragging about how rich he was about to become, and how he was gonna buy us a flight off this planet. Whatever he was up to, I bet it got him into trouble. Please, someone, find my fiancee."


The way point marks a metal shack with several bandits outside. There is a tunnel in his house leading down to a small underground chamber containing several objects of interest, one of which is the corpse of the late Bruce McClane. As soon as someone enters this room however, two bandits crawl from a low wall opening and attack.

Bruce is lying dead on a cot and his journal is next to him. Reading Bruce's journal to turn in the mission grants access to the next mission.


"Bruce McClane is dead, just as his fiancee feared. You found a handwritten journal on his corpse. Perhaps it will shed some light on how he met his end."


  • Mission Item: Bruce's Journal - "Bruce McClane died for this thing?"


  • The name "Bruce McClane" is a reference to Bruce Willis and the character he portrays in the movie Die Hard, John McClane.

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