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Find the ECHO command console.



  • ECHO Console found: 0/1
"It's probably impossible to take back the Vault Key or open the Vault now. Let's focus on something else instead. Let's bring the ECHO system back on-line. The Lance locked it down, but I know how we can bring it back, since I pretty much invented it. I wrote some instructions on the back of this paper towel. Find the ECHO command console, and follow my instructions."


A quick mission after finding Patricia Tannis which leads to the ECHO command console. There is a weapons cache near by, be sure to check it before leaving.

The Gatling Turret guarding the stairs can be overtaken by crouch-walking through a ventilation section. The entrance to it is in the wall on the right side just after the big red dumpster. It is not marked on the map. The character will be fired upon by the turret when entering the vents and when exiting at the top. This strategy only works with the Siren, Soldier and hunter. Apparently, Brick does not fit in the vent.

Another easy way to deal with this turret is to crouch behind the boxes just after rounding the corner to this area. Slowly creep out until just a small section of the base of the turret is exposed. Aim for this small section to inflict damage and destroy the turret. If done correctly the turret cannot fire on the characters position and only the Lance soldiers will be of any danger to the character.


"This appears to be the ECHO command console that Tannis described. If you manage to read her rambling scrawl, you should be able to ractivate the system."

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