Finders Creepers is a challenge in Subconscious worth 5 Badass points. To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter must find and activate (using the action key) five teddy bear/claptrap hybrid toys around the level.


To complete this challenge, the Vault Hunter merely needs to walk up to the bears in question and activate them.

Bltps claptastic challenge finders creepers


  • Despite the challenge text mentioning "rubber ducks," the bears are all just teddy bears with a Claptrap body over the top half of the body.
  • A line of dialogue will be played after activating each bear - a recollection of an event from Claptrap's past.


The following lines are heard by the Vault Hunter after activating the bear in question. No ECHO communication is evident on the HUD, so the voices can be presumed to be coming from the environment itself.

  1. "Time for an oil break!"
  2. "Quick! Touch your undercarriage now! No one's looking!"
  3. "Teddy bears and leather. Is that wrong?"
  4. "Face it. You're not as yellow as you used to be."
  5. "Idea for a game: robots versus aliens, with time travel!"


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