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"The wild and dangerous Cluck-Trap has been sighted out in Sanders Gorge. If you kill this fowl red-and-white robotic menace, you can claim a delicious bounty."


Find and kill Cluck-Trap

  • Cluck-Trap killed: 0/1


The target is reached by following the middle tunnel with the torches. After some resistance from the revolution there is a large open area marked by the objective waypoint. A half dozen rakk may attack. Approaching the waypoint starts Cluck-Trap's intro. Once attacked, the deranged claptrap should fall almost immediately with little to no resistance.


"You caught the Cluck-Trap! Now do you want white metal or dark?"



  • The name of the mission is a reference to the tagline "Finger lickin' good" of the KFC fast food chain.

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