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Fistful of Hurt is a tier 3 skill in Salvador's Brawn skill tree. This skill modifies Salvador's melee attack so that he performs a powerful uppercut, causing massive damage and knocking the enemy back. This skill has a cooldown - while on cooldown, Salvador's will use his normal melee attack.


  • Fistful of Hurt quadruples the damage of a melee blow. This multiplication (×4, or +300%) takes place after every bonus from relic, skill, or wielded weapon is applied.
  • If used while Gunzerking, Fistful of Hurt uses the weapon in the right hand (if it is bladed) for purposes of calculating melee damage bonuses.
  • The animation displays Salvador striking with a bare-fisted left uppercut, whether or not a bladed weapon is wielded. However, as stated, the right-hand bladed weapon's bonuses will still apply.
  • This skill is classified as a "Melee Override". Relics that have a +% Melee Override Cooldown bonus will cause this skill to cooldown faster.

Salvador Skills
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