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VIP (Very Important Psycho)
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Bandit
Level 17
Location Tundra Express
Game Borderlands 2
Appearances Borderlands 2

Flesh-Stick is a Psycho who engaged in human-trafficking, selling subjects to Hyperion's slag human experiments. Two of his victims were Tiny Tina's parents. He apparently witnessed their demise and showed surprise that Tiny Tina survived the event.


He appears in Borderlands 2 in two missions: You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP and You Are Cordially Invited: Tea Party. During these, he is "invited" to Tina Tina's tea party as her "Guest of Honor". Seated on the table with the name card "Evil bastard that killed my parents", she tortures him with an electric chair and finally disintegrates him.

His involvement in Hyperion's experiments and Tiny Tina's parents can be found in ECHO logs located in Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.


Main article: You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP


  • Unlike other Psychos, Flesh-stick has a triple mohawk with the outer ones being orange and the middle one being turquoise.


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