Flyboy is a gladiatorial competitor in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. He is a boastful, young aviator who taunts up and coming contenders to his position on the leader board. He often uses slang which makes little sense.


According to Moxxi, Flyboy “Just turned 16”, making him one of, if not the youngest competitor in the Torgue Tournament. Flyboy claims to be the best buzzard pilot on Pandora and often brags about his piloting skills. By the time the Vault Hunter enters the Tournament, Flyboy is ranked second in the Tournament behind Piston and has amassed a gang of bandits and buzzard pilots.

After defeating Motor Momma, the Vault Hunter enters The Forge to confront Flyboy. After fighting through his gang, Flyboy appears in a buzzard to challenge the Vault Hunter.

  • Flyboy is ranked number two on the Arena leaderboard.
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  • Flyboy appears as a boss, but as soon as he makes his entrance he is killed when his buzzard is struck by a missile from Piston's Blimp without Flyboy ever even firing a shot.
  • He had recently turned 16 prior to his death.

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