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(PC) Getting the Pearlescents via modding. I apologize if this is a wrong forum. I killed Crawermax 500+ times and haven't yet seen any Pearlescent. So what program to use and how, thanx in advance to all. PS. I want to get legite Pearlescents not 'hard'modded like Anarcy Aries or Bitch Bitch and like. Z.Zoric 21:29, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

There is a topic under Watercooler called "My pearlescents that I have found - EDITOR DATA".Sorry for not writing the link but I don't know how to copy-paste it here.

There are some codes for creating a weapon.Copy them in a txt file and then using the program "Willow tree" that you have to download, you can easily import them in your

inventory.Here are some instructions for Willow tree that I got from Bloated Goat who I thank for his work.

1. Download WillowTree here: 2. Open program it does not install. 3. Click on the circle in the top left corner of the page and open your saved game, usually in /mydocuments/mygames/Borderlands/SaveData/save0001.sav or something like that 4. Click on the weapons tab you should see a list of weapons currently in your inventory. Click on one of them and you should see the code come up in the top right pane. 5. Now on the top left side of the weapons screen you should where it says "New" click on that and it will add a name in your weapon list that is called "new weapon" it will be at the bottom. 6. Click on the "new weapon" and the right side of the pane should go mostly empty save a few item headings. 7. Copy the text for a weapon including the four numbers at the bottom of each one 8. Now above the listed headings in the right top pane there are some menus "Save Changes" Weapon Information" etc. Click on the one "Import Weapon" choose from clipboard and there is your new weapon. 9. Click on "Save Changes" , repeat all the steps for all the weapons. 10. Click on the circle in the top left again when you are done and save your save game file. 11. Start Borderlands and go to your inventory, all the weapons should show up and be ready to use. 12. With WillowTree you can move any weapons you cant use now or want to save but not in your active inventory in the WillowTree Locker just choose a weapon and click on the "Export Weapon" tab and choose locker. That weapon is now permanently saved and you can sell/delete the one in your inventory. If you want that weapon back just import it to your backpack.

My advise is to save in another location a copy of your saved data before you go on with the changes in case something goes wrong.

Found out about copy-paste.Hope the link works.Biomechanical13 10:46, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

Thanx, I did all as written but my Pearlescents are only lv48 and on the link you provided they are lv55+ and I would like to obtai other pearls. Also I still can not edit mods and such. Z.Zoric

On the link the weapons shown are all level 61.They appear in my inventory as level 61 but when I equip them, the level required to use them changes to much less.I don't

know why this happens but I get that for all my weapons.I can't help you with editing the mods because I haven't really used Willow tree apart from adding some pearls in my inventory.Biomechanical13 13:18, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

I get the same effect. Where in my inventory lvl 61 weapons when equipped drop down to like 50 or 48. However, there's no drop in power, accuracy, etc. so i am guessing it's just a code bug that's popped up with the new DLC being released. I've used willowtree a bit, mostly making weapons, shields and class mods though. I haven't tried it for character editing. Souzaphone711

Hi. The level drop thing when you equip weapons is a side effect of a system that GBX originally intended to have, where the level requirement was also dependent on weapon proficiency. Somehow some of it was left in and this remains. There is no effect on gameplay, however.

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