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I'm cleaning out my bank and my back pack in my Soldier save, so i have a bunch of mostly Epic or better guns i have no room/use for anymore, and i figured "why sell them to a machine when i could possibly trade them for other cool things?"

so there's a link to the list of what i've got to trade below, all i'm really looking for is a really good shock weapon that isn't eridian or a rocket launcher, and/or a shield with a capacity of 2910 or better. i'm totally willing to give up multiple guns as trade...

my XBL Gamertag is AwesomeStCool, just shootme a message there or PM me on here or whatever. i'm going to be doing a lot more cleaning in my other saves, too, so i'll be adding more to the list sometime soon...

AwesomeStCool 00:59, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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