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   Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming amount of support and all the generous offers. Since I now have 

         everything I needed and more, I am now closing this offer.

         Thanks again everyone and happy vault hunting!!!

    I have been farming BNK3R, McNally, and Rakkman for a couple WEEKS now and I have 
    not had a single legendary drop! So I think I need some help with this one.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could duplicate a few items for me.
     The items I'm looking for are as follows
          2.Hammer Buster
          4.Alkaline Mistriss head for Siren
         I have the special edition heads and skins for all classes, as well as
         contraband sky rockets that I can trade for anyone willing to dupe any
    of the aforementioned items. It'd really make my day if I could get some help.
If you're willing to help please send a message or friend request to me.
My gamertag is REapEr08i80   Thanks and happy hunting!Nihilus Mada (talk) 07:31, January 25, 2013 (UTC)

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