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I'm looking for quite a few level 72 legendaries/pearlescents. I do have a few things available for trade, but not much. I'd prefer to dupe. 

Things I need:



Conference Call (incendiary/shock/corrosive)


Thunderball Fists



Black Hole

Sham (94%)

Legendary Cat, Nurse

Blood of Terramorphous

Things I have available for trade/dupe :

lv 68 Avenger (incendiary)

lv 70 Avenger (non-elemental)

lv 72 Deliverance (non-elemental)

lv 72 Sawbar

lv 72 Infinity (non-elemental)

lv 72 Logan's Gun

lv 72 Homing Fire Bee

lv 71 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

lv 72 Maggie

Message me on xbox with any offers. GT: A Psycho Banana

Thanks in advance.

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