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I have 3 characters(siren, assassin, gunzerker) OP8 that im willing to dup all my gear and weapons. I have a few items that stay in your backpack when you sell them that causes decreasing backpack space, allowing you to carry more items over your limit. I mainly have pearls, seraphs, legendaries, and some unique blues on weapons, shields, relics, grenade mods, and class mods(some are even modded with another class mod, or two, and even the antagonist shield). I also have several elemental versions of several weapons. 

I am currently looking for some major modded weapons and gear. I'm specifically looking for some black legendaries, if they still exist, i.e. infinity pistol that shoots rockets, or somethings that are majorly OP, even for OP8.  I'm also looking for a master copy that will continuously drop. (I've acquired a couple that would stop dropping after i quit or restart the game. 

If i can help you out, or you can help me out, my GT is FRA PsYcHoVaMp. I'm online everyday. Please, feel free to send me a message, and I will respond to you when I can.  

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