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The page on easter eggs and secrets references only a single decoded QR code. I have located at least three more codes in the Rust Commons East. In the north-western quadrant there is a lone weapons vendor. To the left of this vendor is board with various flyers and four QR codes, one of which is the already known reference to Nick Wilson. (If this has already been posted ad nauseum, forgive me but I had little luck with the search function.)

I can't take a screen shot (playing on 360 and lacking a digital camera) but I can relay the digits that go along with each poster, which are at the very least helpful in showing that each is unique. (Each one is visually distinct even on my miniscule standard definition CRT.)

0000.1.2134 (the decoded reference to Nick Wilson)

5649.18888 06:26, August 24, 2010 (UTC)arK, the first time poster

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