Forums: Index > Watercooler > Anyone want to do some PvP on xbox. NO MODS!

I have a lv 61 siren and i was wondering if anyone wanted to start up some 2v2 matches or just 1v1 in an arena... Add me on xbox Drejnaught is my tag.

Ya sure. 1v1 definitely but 2v2 idk. GT TangoOnYour6 ...not on this week though. Outta town.JCEHunter 02:27, August 13, 2010 (UTC)

Oh fur shure, my friends and I have been dooing alot of crawdouche runs so im geard like crazy, im pumped now, im trying to get ppl to do some area fights cause, everyone on this game uses stupid ass mods and that like totally ruins the point of the game so yea lol im down like a clown!

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