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Hey Guys, I've been playing on Borderlands 2 for a while now and when I was at the point where I had to kill reiss' attackers, the badass-psycho somehow glitched out of the game/just disappeared, leaving the mission incompletable and now there's no way to go to sanctuary, I don't really want to just bin this character as I've alread invested quite some time in him now, so do you guys have any idea how I could solve the problem? I'm playing on a PS3 and I've tried dying, didn't change anything, and going back to southern shelf, this just made it even worse, now the game doesn't even acknowledge that I killed the other two guys and reiss is just lying there acting as if he was being hit, but there is no-one around.. I can't talk to him or anyone... pretty frustrating, any ideas?

EDIT: Okay guys, problem solved, I just had to turn the PS3 off. When I tried again the three guys were back attacking Reiss, so I killed them and everything's fine now

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