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All the items that are both looked for and being sold are lvl 61.

So, without further ramblings:


Slag Gunerang



Purple Wired Zapper-Class mod for Mechromancer


Lots of E-Tech weaponry

Pistols: Thunderball Fists, Dubble Gub, Twin Hornet

Assault Rifles: Slag Madhous!

Shotguns: Sledge's Shotgun x2 (one with blade, both unelemental), Flakker

Snipers: Tumtum Skullsmasher

Submachineguns: Hellfire, Slagga, Bladed Emperor

Rocket Launchers: Mongol (Fire)

Grenade mods: Homing Bonus Package, Rolling Thunder

Shields: Black Hole, Bee

Class Mods: Legendary Mechromancer, Legendary Soldier, Legendary Hunter

I'll try to keep updating this list.

Leave your offers and Steam nicks in the comments if you are interested.

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