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Requirements -

M-F: 5:00PM - 10:00PM S-S: ALL DAY Age: 21-up (there are exceptions as AGE does not mean maturity) Fresh Start: Whole play through with a group of 4 calm, cool, collected TEAM focused players that can all follow simple instructions, unfortunately being the Marine Corps has made me extremely bitter towards ignorance and trolls.

All or Nothing: Do not play your character unless we are all there. No reason to unbalance or ruin the experience.

PS: Some Mondays or Fridays I have "compensation" days so availability on those days is a plus :)

Please add me, I will probably play maya as I think her CC is invaluable.

Interests - For the sake of common ground to know if I hate you already.

Networking S-6 is my job, love it.

Very OCD and involved about whatever it is I do. Research shit and run the numbers.

Atheist - need I say more?

Love video games, absolutely fascinated with the concept of every form of art rolled into 1 package. Watch a lot of Husky Starcraft commentaries.

Obsessed with the concept of "COOP" games, just never can seem to get the "right" people. I see it as a challenge like any other reputable sport, most don't.

Serious Minded - Pretty straight forward and blunt about shit, I normally start my day with 10 fucks and end with the same amount, how many fucks did I give? Concerning our lives with TACT for others feelings is wasted time coddling stupidity. Negative events in my life made me this way but at least I admit it. Ex. - Whole family died :)

Cats - Miss my damn cat :(

Steam ID: Spades68

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