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So i was wondering how many of you have found capped guns from craw or armory, i have found a total of 7 double anarchy's 4 without scopes and 3 with, they are the 204 damage, 82 rd clip, 27.0 acc, as well as the 13.8 FR, i know alot of people build thier own guns, but i do have to say capped guns are 100% possible, as well as a few stingers, and a crap house of Glorious Havocs, and my first pearl my lvl 57 bessie is the best possible 6 shot model for that lvl, and i had the worst possible, avenger, for my next find, for a game that is suppost to be 100% random, i have seen ALOT of the same guns farming craw, and i mean the exact same down to the penny as far as worth, and please dont tell me you found a glitch gun that just happen to be lets say anarchy with elemental, real guns people. XBOX GT Sinisternobody64.202.61.10 08:19, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

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