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While going through Borderlands 2s character skin pages, I noticed that they all don't really follow the same structuring, which makes the pages look messy and disorganized. So I came up with a few suggestions to neaten and uniform the pages up:

  1. Use graph/info box/whatever you wish to call it to organize the heads and skins (like Maya's skin page), starting with the default heads/skins, then the unlockable/drop ones, and finally the DLC ones.
  2. Color code the skin/head name in accordance to its rarity.
  3. Under the skin/head name, have how you obtain it.
  4. For the pictures, with the heads the skin worn should be the default one, and for the skin pictures, the head equipped should be the default one. For both, all equipped items should be removed for the picture.

Does anyone else agree? Soren7550 (talk) 23:56, May 25, 2013 (UTC)


Yes, I agree on points 1,2,and 4... The info box should take care of #3 though.Final signature 01:09, May 26, 2013 (UTC)

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